About Us

About Us

We are a team of experienced self-starters and global policy professionals with expertise in politics, business and civil society. We want to play our part in preparing the next generation for the opportunities and challenges they will face in a century of increased and rapid change.

The YBBA’s Purpose

The Young Black Business Award (YBBA) is amplifying, celebrating, rewarding and financially investing in our talented young. We want to further inspire these driven, hope-filled 21st century heroes, heroines and inventors to provide ethical, technological and economic leadership along with much needed social capital to the many who, like them, crave a sense of purpose and the emotional as well as practical tools needed to build a better future. Put simply the YBBA aims to:

  • Seek out and celebrate those black millennials (18-30) in the UK who embody the agile, pioneering, disruptive spirit of innovation and environmental sensitivity that will typify this new age and connect them with like-minded change makers across the globe.
    black millenials
  • Raise awareness of 4IR amongst disadvantaged BAME communities in regard to career pathways and the associated risks resulting from entering careers that will cease to exist within less than a decade.
  • Increase awareness of business development opportunities in relation to emerging industries globally. Increase awareness of the disproportionately greater risks faced by black communities if they do not adopt a more proactive mode in relation to better understanding the implications of Artificial Intelligence applications like facial recognition technology in relation to law enforcement.
  • Maximise the potential for our contribution to link in with and complement other national and international initiatives like Google’s Digital Skills for Africa programme (DSA), and the Uganda based Kafeero Foundation’s Power The Next annual start up and tech convention in East and central Africa.

We are committed to popularising our burgeoning powerhouse of millennial black excellence, please join us.

meet our team

  • Donna

    Donna is the Co-founder and CEO of Next Level Events & Hospitality she brings years of experience and talent to her role. As a dynamic entrepreneur, Donna continually improves and grows the business…

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  • Tolu

    Tolu is a socially conscious entrepreneur with the firm belief great businesses and brands do well when they become more than a means to an end for the consumer and become a brand that invests in…

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  • Hayley

    Hayley Mills is currently an International Strategy Manager at the marketing performance company OMD having worked on brands such as Bacardi, Carlsberg, Hilton, Infiniti, Levi’s, McDonald’s, Nissan…

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  • Theo

    Theo is a young forward-thinking professional who is passionate about giving back. Having his first taste of dealing with big brands when he assisted in the setup of the Sickle Cell awareness…

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  • Robert

    Robert Robinson: Teacher, Speaker, Presenter, Entrepreneur and Cinematographer and also the M.D Of ReelVIP a Video production company and HMPTV which is a platform showing the excellence…

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  • Gabriel

    Gabriel (GSANTé) is a First Class award winning Creative Designer, who has also been headlined in the ND Exhibition London 2015. He is a creative individual who brings flair to any project he touches…

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  • Tisha

    Tisha has been in the Early Years Foundation Child Development for over 7 years, she chose to work in this field because she is passionate about early childhood education and advocating for…

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  • Ade

    Ade is a professional international basketball player who is best known for playing in France. At an early age Ade decided he was going to be a basketball player, he began playing basketball in…

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  • Terena

    Terena Bennett is a passionate Community Activist specialising and qualified in Event Organisation, Community Safety, Health and Safety and Early Years Foundation Stages…

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