Gender First

STEM or STEAM? We can’t leave out the ‘arts’ and creativity in technological development. It is that creativity which is breaking boundaries and dismantling convention across the technological landscape. We believe that the ‘Arts’ in STEAM has particular significance for black women as a means of nudging that intersectional gender and race disproportionality dial ever closer to true parity in Digital Tech.

The YBBA is doing its bit to turn that dial by amplifying the profile of female tech enablers and creating openings to amplify and celebrate them at every opportunity. Women do not currently receive an equitable slice of the financial investment pie and black women receive even less. Just 8.5% of senior leaders in technology are from a minority background, while women make up only 12.6% of board members in the sector – compared to the 30% female representation now achieved by FTSE 100 businesses

Gender First

It’s not all bad news though as there are some green shoots out there, like Chloe Watts who featured on the front cover of last year’s YBBA magazine and who is doing great things for the image of women in tech as she takes her company from strength to international strength.

But we have much more to do – hence the inclusion of our Tech Woman of The Year Award. This award means so much to us, because it celebrates black women who understand the importance of kicking the door off its hinges so that other women like them can follow their example.

These tech warriors are not satisfied with doing great things exclusively for their own professional and entrepreneurial career advancement. They understand the importance of collective enterprise and career progression in order to feel truly fulfilled.

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