“Nothing will work unless you do”- Maya Angelou

    Ade is a professional international basketball player who is best known for playing in France. At an early age Ade decided he was going to be a basketball player, he began playing basketball in London and moved to USA as a teenager to pursue his dream.

    Ade’s impact on basketball culture extended far past his on-court accomplishments. He drew large crowds organising basketball tournaments internationally and created a unique concept for university students, uniting them through Sports and Music an ambitious programme to improve outcomes for the young afro-Caribbean community, harnessing the potential of successful young black afro- Caribbean individuals.

    Ade self-motivated approach is what continues to make Ade relevant and continually noticed in the Afro House and Hip-hop scene creating nightlife events.
    Ade believes innovation is about bringing people together his new initiative is a new cocktail bar concept in France helping individuals access professional training and employment, and promoting their talents.

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