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YBBA Blog We are so excited about the first of many Young Black Business Awards-YBBA for short-because there just isn’t enough good news for young black people in the UK. All of the stories about them seem to be negative, which just leaves them feeling negative and everyone else feeling negative about them. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Our motley crew of 20 ‘givers’ have been beavering away over the last 9 months to come up with the right offer for our young people. We amended it to reflect what they have been saying to us, as we have been going around the country speaking with them:

  • They want to be inspired
  • They want to learn the skills and get the contacts that will get them on track for success
  • They want to see positive images of themselves and
  • They want to have more of an idea of what the future holds for them and what they need to do in order to prepare.

We think the YBBA package ticks all of those boxes, because it is about developing networks and partnerships both in the UK and abroad that will increase their social capital and access to life-changing information for them.

Think of the award event on November 10th-Global Entrepreneurship week- and the beginning of a journey of discovery for all of the young people and organizations that connect with us. For organizations, the benefit will come connecting with new talent that they can hire and/or invest in, as well as the pleasure that simply comes from investing in something that is contributing to redressing the inequality that exists in our society. Having said all of that, we are having lots of fun meeting new people and developing new ways of thinking about doing things in the digital age. Gori is one of the amazing human beings who has been working with us to connect with Africa so that we can increasingly connect Diasporans with the Continent. His partnership with Google is literally revolutionizing communication in Africa and all over the planet, so it made simple sense to get him on board as a judge and powerful advocate for YBBA. Watch this space… we have so much more to share with you…

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